Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump
Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump

Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump

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  • This Aquarium Oxygen Pump maintains oxygens levels in the water for the fishes
  • It has a single outlet with a maximum output of three liters per minute
  • It is a low-noise and electric-powered device with an EU plug type as the plug
  • Material: Plastic / Wattage: 2.5W
  • Operating voltage: AC 220-240V, 50-60HZ
  • Plug type: EU Plug / Size: 11 x 5.4 x 4.7 cm
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Aquarium Oxygen Pump

Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump

This Aquarium Oxygen Pump Single Outlet Pump will make sure your pet fishes get enough oxygen in their water! It is a low-noise device! Some people think that keeping a pet fish is as easy as tossing some fish flakes in the fish tank. But the truth is that they have more needs than that. Aside from making sure that the water is clean and at the right temperature, you also have to make sure that it has good oxygen levels. This is why an aquarium oxygen pump is a must if you want to keep fishes as pets.

Single Outlet Pump

The main purpose of this device is to constantly provide oxygen to the water through air bubbles. Simply submerge it into the water inside your fish tank and turn it on. This pump has a single outlet which means that it pumps oxygen in smaller quantities. This is more advantageous for smaller tanks so as not to overwhelm the fishes with too much oxygen. At the same time, it may not be enough for big enclosures such as outdoor ponds. Also, this is an electric-powered device with an EU plug type.

Low-Noise Device 

The best advantage it has over other types of oxygen pumps is that this one is low-noise. Anyone who has had an aquarium air pump before will agree that most pumps emit a loud vibrating sound. This can be really distracting not just for people but even for the fishes. It’s a good thing that this aquarium oxygen pump operates with very low-noise. Also, it has a maximum output of about 3 liters per minute. And finally, this device has a hole on top of it. You can use this hole to hang or attach it on to somewhere inside the tank conveniently.

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